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Black Raven

The band started up in 1992 and was established by Julian Wiethoff (vocals, guitar), Zlatko Tudja (vocals, guitar), Andy Tudja (drums) and Torsten Leyhausen (bass).
Their first performance was in Neuss, Germany, in 1993.
It is regarded as the first internationally successful so-called Teddy-Boy/Revivial-Rock’n’Roll-band to come from Germany.
In 1995, only three years after they came together, they had theri first international performances in England, the mother-country of the Rock’n’roll revivial movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Noteable at this time were their gigs at the Teddy-Boy-Weekender in Great Yarmouth and at the Blackpool-Rock’n’Roll-Weekender.

Black Raven has also appeared as a backing group to Graham Fenton of Matchbox, Sandy Ford of the Flying Saucers and to Freddie Fingers Lee.
In 2005, Black Raven were invited to perform at the Rock am Ring festival at the Nürburgring in Germany.

Black Raven – this is:

Julian Wiethoff on vocals & guitar
Jens Feldhaus on drums
Bojan Lutz on bass guitar